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Notice regarding in-person counselling, hygiene measures, and COVID-19.

The uncertainty of COVID-19 and its impact on our lives has been profound. In a pre-COVID world it made sense to reach out for support from a professional in challenging times. Wanting or needing support now makes even more sense than it did before.

As of May 19, 2020, the provincial government has okayed the return to in-person counselling provided clinicians implement COVID related health and safety protocols. Barbara will see people in person and by phone. The following pre-cautions have been put in place to try and decrease the risk of the virus:

  • Masks must be worn when physical distancing is not possible such as entering the facility.
  • Seating in the therapy/testing room is arranged for appropriate physical distancing during counselling appointments;
  • Barbara maintains physical distancing during counselling sessions, and continues self-isolation practices whenever possible;
  • Bathroom soap dispensers are maintained and everyone washes their hands upon entry to the offices. Furthermore, everyone is invited to wash their hands at the end of their appointments as well;
  • Hand sanitizer is available in the therapy/testing rooms;
  • Barbara schedules appointments at specific intervals to ensure no contact between clients, both for privacy and health and safety;
  • Pens and other objects that are commonly touched are cleaned after each use;
  • Tissues and trash bins are easily accessed; trash is disposed of frequently;
  • Common areas, such as the bathroom, are thoroughly cleaned with bleach-based products after each appointment;
  • Physical contact, such as hand-shaking, is not permitted.
  • Payments are accepted by e-transfer only and receipts are issued electronically as a password protected file(s).

Other measures have also been put in place. If you would like to access counselling services but have more questions about how to do so during the pandemic, please do not hesitate to reach out to connect@cedarbaypsychology.com.